"Cookie" Jarvis takes 1st place in the
National Buffalo Wing Festival
Buffalo Buffet Bowl Eating Championship
September 4, 2005




Ed Cookie Jarvis is back in biz after winning the Buffet Buster in Buffalo. An all you can eat 10lb buffet tray which included Perogies, Roast beef sandwiches, Cannoli's , & Chicken wings. Jarvis consumed 7.32 lbs of buffet to barely edge out Buffalo Jim Reeves who finished second with 7.17lbs. The 10 minute contest originally slated for 3pm was pushed back almost 2hrs which worked to Jarvis advantage because it made him even hungrier. The eaters were getting restless after being subjected to listening to a Melissa Etherdrige impersonator playing dreadful guitar licks. Brian Subich commented. "Is there any way we can get her off the stage". Barney the cop from the Andy Griffith show was on hand to keep law and order and make sure noone cheated. When the contest began Jarvis used an unusual strategy of eating the sugar laden cannoli's first. After noticing that Booker was building up a lead Jarvis started going to work gobbling the perogies at a record pace. The wings seemed to be the stumbling block in the event as Beautiful Brian used the wrong strategy by appearing to open up a lead by completing a substantial portion of the tray but leaving the wings for last. The wings ended up having the heavier poundage of the remaining foods. When all was said and done Jarvis was the winner, Reeves second and Booker third with 6.91lbs. The rest of the field finished quite strong with noone eating less than 5lbs and the margin of difference was so close it was tough to tally.

Article from  beautifulbrian.com